• Entrepreneurial Spirit and Access to Financing Lead to Expansion of Soybean Processing

    For ten years, Kwasi Nyamekye, metallurgical engineer turned agribusiness entrepreneur, struggled to get his venture Vester Oil Mills on solid footing.  Although the company’s soy cake product, used for feed, slowly gained acceptance among Ghana’s poultry farmers, and Nyamekye successfully sold the processed soy to large company’s like Agricare Limited, a leading animal feed producer, and to the 600-member Greater Accra Poultry Farmers Association (GAPFA), meeting the growing demand became a challenge due to lack of financing for expansion. Denied loans by banks and unsuccessful with investors, Vester Oil Mills turned to the USAID Financing Ghanaian Agriculture Project (USAID-FinGAP).  USAID-FinGAP…

  • Equipment Financing Facilitated by USAID FinGAP is Young Women’s Ticket Home

    How one John Deere tractor opened up more productive acreage for over 800 farmers and increased Ghana’s food supply. Adiza Baba was 17 years old when she left her home in Nagani, a small village in the Northern Region of Ghana, to work in Accra as a “kayayei.”  For five years she worked as a porter, carrying heavy loads on her head for shoppers in the city markets, to earn money to send back to her family. It was the arrival of a bright green John Deere tractor that welcomed Baba home again. “Although the ‘kayayei’ business is risky and…

  • Ecobank & RCB Bucobank

    Agnes Atayila and the other members of Yineme, an all-women’s maize and rice aggregation group, were fed up with each member only procuring 500 kilograms of product every harvesting season. Based in Bolgatanga in Ghana’s Upper East Region, these women desperately wanted to expand their aggregation business, but lacked the money to buy more crops and pay for storage.

  • Pay-for-Performance Grants Bring Results

    The pay-for-performance grant incentive program, launched in December 2014, has stimulated private investment into the agriculture sector, paving the way for increased production and inclusive economic growth.

  • Okata Farms

    Mabel-Ann Akoto-Kwudzo is the CEO of Okata Farms, an agricultural enterprise that has been producing, processing, and marketing maize, rice, soy, and other crops since 2005. She recognized the opportunity to expand her operations further north, but lack of support for her smallholder farmers due to inaccessible credit and prohibitive interest rates limited how successful her expansion endeavour could be. Through USAID-FinGAP assistance, Okata Farms made strategic use of two investment traunches to bring sustainable improvement in rice production to the region.

  • Center for Agricultural and Rural Development Financial NGO (CARD-FNGO)

    For over twenty-five years, Naresh Shukla has been working in rural and agricultural lending, focused on improving food security through innovative financing for smallholder farmers. His microfinance Institution CARD-FNGO used grant funds to achieve 100% loan recovery and higher produce yields through the implementation of a Crops Cashless Financing Services (CCFS) model,

  • Greater Accra Poultry Farmers Association (GAPFA)

    Production of quality poultry feed has long since changed from the late 1970’s when GAPFA churned out 800 kg per day of product on a small “nika-nika” machine, a basic corn mill meant for domestic use. Today’s modern feed mill can deliver up to five metric tons per hour to GAPFA’s 600+ poultry farmer members across the country, and new technology acquired with financing facilitated by USAID-FinGAP ensures quality output.

  • SAVBAN Processing and Marketing Company

    For 40 years, Ayishetu Fuseini farmed rice at a subsistence level, carrying her produce to market to look for a buyer. Like thousands of smallholder farmers in Northern Ghana, Fuseini never had assurance there would be a market for her produce. That is, until financing for an agricultural processor established a ready market.

  • Bucobank

    Builsa Community Bank, more commonly known as Bucobank, is the only bank in the predominantly agricultural Builsa district of the Upper East region in Northern Ghana. Rural farmers depend on Bucobank’s viability for financing.

  • Grant Incentives Change Bank’s Behavior

    USAID Financing Ghanaian Agriculture Project (USAID-FinGAP) set out to change behavior with the project launch of its yearlong performance-based grant incentive program.