Posted: December 22, 2017

USAID FinGAP to invest in women in agribusiness

USAID Financing Agriculture Project (USAID FinGAP) is poised to help invest in women involved in agribusiness value chain. This is to help empower women in helping build a resilient economy.

Ms Sharon Cromer, USAID Ghana Mission Director believes that, empowering women in agriculture can serve as a catalyst to help position the country as a nation beyond aid faster and in a sustainable manner. She indicated that empowering women to participate in the local economy could pave the way to Ghana’s self-reliance and economic growth.

“Fostering broad-based inclusive economic growth means unlocking everyone’s potential, including women and youth, to fully utilise their talents. This involves investing in gender-smart solutions,” she said at the Women in Agribusiness Development Summit organised by the USAID –Financing Agriculture Project (USAID-FinGAP) in Accra.

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