Nana Achiaa

A woman-owned and -operated maize aggregation firm is seeking US$200,000 in working capital to expand and meet market demand for maize production.

Investment needed: $50,000–200,000

USAID FinGAP Environmental Risk Review required
Business Type
Deal Type
Working Capital
Value Chain

Market Opportunity

Urbanization, rising income, and changing consumption patterns are driving increased demand for poultry and eggs, and therefore for soy and maize, which are key inputs for the poultry sector. Barring any injunction against the consumption of poultry as a result of poultry disease, the fledgling poultry industry in Ghana is expected to continue booming. This, coupled with favorable government policy initiatives, is causing maize aggregation and supply businesses such as Nana Achiaa Maize Aggregation Enterprise to flourish.

Investment Opportunity

Nana Achiaa Maize Aggregation Enterprise, a female-owned and -managed maize aggregation firm that has been in business for more than 12 years under the leadership of Nana Achiaa, employs over 13 staff members and works with more than 100 maize outgrowers in Ghana. Located at Asawase Market, Kumasi, the enterprise purchases approximately 6,000 MT of maize annually from northern Ghana, as well as from Burkina Faso and other maize-producing areas, and supplies it to poultry farmers. To date, Nana Achiaa has supply contracts with over ten poultry farmers in the Ashanti Region, including such poultry giants as Boris B Farms & Veterinary Services, Aninkorah Farms, and Victor Owusu Farms. Aninkorah Farms, currently producing 100,000 birds including chicken and guinea fowl, has contracted Nana Achiaa for the monthly supply of 100 MT of maize. With the constant demand for maize of the poultry industry that fuels large volumes of trade, Nana Achiaa is a profitable aggregator.

Investment Required

To meet current supply contract demands, Nana Achiaa seeks between US$50,000 and US$200,000 in debt at an interest rate of no more than Libor+1 exclusive of all hedging costs (if a USD facility), or its corresponding Ghana Cedi equivalent with a reasonable interest rate. It will be used to expand, to supply an additional 300 MT of maize to Boris B Farms, Victor Owusu Farms, and Fosuka Farms in the Ashanti Region. Securing working capital will also potentially create growth in the maize production, haulage, and poultry value chains, allowing Nana Achiaa to expand supplier credit advanced to her outgrowers.

BAS Needed

BAS needed include review of the accounting and bookkeeping records of Nana Achiaa, and loan facilitation services.

Environmental Considerations

An ERR has not yet been conducted for Nana Achiaa Maize Aggregation Enterprise.

Supporting Initiatives

  • The Ghana Broiler Revitalization Project, which seeks to facilitate a 40% quota on local poultry production, creates opportunity for industry participants.
  • Projects supported by GoG and donors are introducing farmers to improved maize production and postharvest technologies.

Contact Info

Nana Achiaa, Proprietor, +233 (0) 243 581 319