Gyabaah Isaac T/A Nyame Aye Awie Ampa Farms Enterprise

A fast-growing poultry farm seeks $1.5 million in long-term financing to expand its agribusiness activities.

Investment needed: $1,500,000

USAID FinGAP Environmental Risk Review required
Business Type
Deal Type
Debt, Equity, Mezzanine Finance
Cap-Ex, Working Capital
Value Chain
Maize, Soy

Market Opportunity

Rapid urbanization coupled with growing per-capita income have been some of the key drivers in demand for poultry meat and table eggs in Ghana. The increase in demand is not being met by local production, and this has led to imports of about 200,000 MT in poultry meat against the projected demand of 300,000 MT. Moreover, the GoG strategy to encourage poultry importers to source 40% of their products from local farmers is an opportunity to facilitate growth of the poultry industry. Furthermore, demand for table eggs in neighboring countries creates opportunity for investment in local poultry farms to take up that export market. These demands for meat and eggs consequently drive demand for soybean and maize, which are predominantly produced by smallholder farmers.

Investment Opportunity

Gyabaah Isaac Farms has medium to long-term plans to increase its number of birds and expand its feed mill to meet growing demand for its products. Acquisition of a more effective and efficient feed mill will drive down its cost of production, of which feed is 60%–70%.

Gyabaah, which is large producer of table eggs, began operations in 2007 in the Atesikrom industrial area at Dormaa-Ahenkro in the Brong Ahafo Region. The company raises layers on three separate farms occupying a total of 24 acres. It has a total capacity of 120,000 birds that lay an average of 60,000 crates of eggs per month. The company imports high- quality, day-old chicks from the Netherlands and produces its own feed.

Investment Required

Gyabaah is seeking investment of $1.5 million to acquire an efficient feed mill and working capital to increase its layer stock. The company is open to any long-term loan, mezzanine finance, equity solution, or combination thereof.

BAS Needed

Gyabaah may require a BAS provider to help raise financing for the project.

Environmental Considerations

Key considerations will be disposal of droppings and management of the expansion project, making sure it does not add to deforestation. The company shall ensure that during construction and processing, materials are not temporarily stored in wetlands or waterways, and that waste is disposed of in a secure, approved location.

Supporting Initiatives

Among the initiatives to promote the poultry sector in Ghana are:

  • GoG Broiler Revitalization Project
  • USDA Poultry Project
  • SADA interventions
  • NRGP interventions to promote production, aggregation, and marketing activities in the soya and maize sectors, with poultry as a major end user

Contact Info

Gyabaah Isaac, Managing Director, +233 (0) 20 819 5832