Fud Farms & Trading Ventures

A layer and egg producer seeks investment of $250,000 in long-term financing for capital expenditure and working capital to expand its poultry business.

Investment needed: $250,000

USAID FinGAP Environmental Risk Review required
Business Type
Deal Type
Debt, Equity, Mezzanine Finance
Cap-Ex, Working Capital
Value Chain
Maize, Soy

Market Opportunity

Urbanization, rising per-capita income, and increased consumption are driving significant increases in demand for poultry and eggs. Demand is outpacing domestic supply, creating opportunities for investment in local poultry producers and processors to expand production. Annual broiler demand in Ghana is estimated at 300,000 MT, of which 200,000 MT is being met through imports of frozen chicken. The Broiler Revitalization Project, which seeks to facilitate sourcing 40% of poultry imports from local farmers, has broadened the prospects for broiler production and processing. There are other marketing opportunities for table eggs and minimal processed chicken in neighboring countries.

Investment Opportunity

Fud Farms & Trading Ventures is seeking to undertake an aggressive expansion of its layer and egg production business due to increasing market demand. Expansion of its bird population from 7,000 to 20,000 requires financial investment. The company aims to promote production of maize and soy in northern Ghana to increase local feed production to support the expanding poultry industry.
Fud Farms began operations in 2013 in Ayakomaso, near Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo Region. Since inception, the company has achieved impressive growth in revenue from production and sale of layers on the local market. Fud Farms has a 7,000-bird farm on six acres of land, with more room for expansion.

Investment Required

Fud Farms is seeking investment of $250,000 in working capital to expand its layer and table egg production, and capital investment to construct new and well-equipped facilities to house 20,000 new birds, build a warehouse, and purchase a feed mixer and truck for carting raw materials and distributing produce. Fud Farms is open to any long-term loan, mezzanine finance, equity solution, or combination thereof.

BAS Needed

Fud Farms may require a BAS provider to help raise financing for the project.

Environmental Considerations

A USAID-FinGAP ERR has not been conducted yet.

Supporting Initiatives

Ongoing business initiatives by GoG and its development partners to promote the poultry industry in the Brong Ahafo Region and other parts of Ghana include:

  • GoG Broiler Revitalization Project
  • USDA Poultry Feed Project
  • GCX
  • SADA interventions in some districts in the region to improve soy and maize production, with the poultry industry as a target market
  • Association of Churches in Development (ACDEP)
  • NRGP
  • Contact Info

    Frank Fordjour, Managing Director, +233 (0) 244 593 379,