Financing Results

The figures below are as of March 28, 2018

Total Financing Received by USAID FinGAP-Supported Agribusinesses

Enterprises Receiving Financing: 2,846

Smallholder Farmers Impacted: 162,448

Top 5 Performers by Financial Institution
(Financing Disbursed to SMiLEs)

Top 5 Performers by Business Advisory Services Provider
(Financing Facilitated for SMiLEs)

USAID-FinGAP Financing by Type of Financial Institution

Universal/Commercial Banks (Debt)
Rural Community Banks (Debt)
Impact Investors (Equity and/or Debt)
Savings and Loans (Debt)
Microfinance Institutions (Debt)
Capital Market (Equity when listing shares or debt when issuing bonds)
Non-Bank Financial Institutions (Debt)
Suppliers’ Credits (Debt)

USAID-FinGAP Financing by Value Chain

Financing Facilitated into Maize, Soy, and Rice Value Chains
(Capital Investment/Working Capital)